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Out of Stock

Please contact sales for enquiries


OutClass Server - Purchased


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  • One off purchase price

  • Optional maintenance contract.

  • Remote support.

  • Use of DIGIRAW media supply.

  • 1TB - 4TB storage SSD.

  • 20 devices independently streaming.

The OutClass Air server will store all your favorite movies, music and TV shows ready to stream out to all those on the aircraft either through the integrated media system or on everyone's iPad.  So each passenger can either watch the same movie or stream their own independent movie or music.

The server is on a 1 month or 12 month subscription contract which will automatically renew so you can continue to use the server. This means you can hire the server for one flight or longer, then just hand back the server when you have finished. No expensive upfront payments, just one simple subscription.

You can purchase your movies and music from Amazon and send the discs to our partner company Digiraw, they will convert these for you and load them onto your server ready to be delivered and installed.

If you wish to top up your movies then just purchase more discs and send them through.

You can have as many servers as you wish and you can move them between aircraft, the server comes configured ready to use once the media is loaded and the devices used to play the content are connected to the OutClass WIFI.

The subscription does not include iPads or any other device to play the movies and music, it covers the server, support and licencing.

Managed Media Service

Our managed media service includes the server and a dedicated team to look after it.

The managed service subscription requires an Amazon account to be used for purchasing movies and music purchased on your behalf then downloaded to your server on the aircraft either by internet connection if available or sent to you on a USB stick ready to put in the server, loading in minutes, ready to watch.

The Amazon CD, DVD and Blu-ray media will be in your name, so you legally purchase the movies and music, but First Class AV will managed the downloads to your server and send you the hard original copies for you to keep safe as proof of purchase.

As part of the service you will receive a USB stick of new movies once a month.

Our dedicated team will regularly check your server to ensure it is running perfectly well, and full support is provided remotely.