Common Queries and Questions

Setting up the media server will depend on the needs of the passengers and layout of the aircraft.
The server can be located anywhere at the front of the aircraft that has a power point near by. Once this is located it will not need to be moved again. The server sends out a directional WIFI from the front to the rear of the aircraft.  This WIFI is only to be used for playing media from the server, it doesn't give you internet access.

For integration into the aircraft audio/visual system we would typically use an Apple TV, which will be connected via WIFI to an HDMI or analogue aux input. This will then be able to be played on all integrated screens dependent on the aircraft system fitted. Otherwise each TV can have a separate player to stream independently over WIFI.

There can be a combination of devices that can play the content. Through our experience we have found that using iPads or Apple TV’s to provide integrated content on the aircraft screens is best (as long as auxiliary inputs are available) and the use of iPads to provide extra flexibility (up to 20 iPads can be used).

The beauty of this system is how the content is updated! Purchased content can be downloaded to the laptop and dragged and dropped to a USB stick.
The next time the aircraft is powered, just insert the USB stick into the media server and it will automatically save the content and be ready for viewing within moments.

No stress and no trouble! .


  • How many players can I connect to the OutClass Air server? +

    This would depend on which player you are using with the TV. If you are using iPads to watch to movies you can easily connect up to 20 guests independently to each server. WIFI environments can effect this number of players, please get in touch for more information.
  • How many movies can I store on the server? +

    Depending on the quality of the movie, you could fit somewhere around 300 - 400 movies on your OutClass Air server.
  • How does the turbulence and G-force of the aircraft effect the OutClass Air servers? +

    All our servers are fully solid state. There are no mechanical drives or any other components that will be effected by these conditions.
  • How do we install the server on our aircraft? +

    The server is very easy to install and setup. You unbox the server, antennas and power lead, plug the power lead into the aircraft power socket and switch on the server. Simple! The server is fully configured ready for you to add movies and music, there are simple instructions on how to install the server yourself. Please contact us for more information.
  • What payments methods do you accept? +

    The server is on a subscription basis. You agree to a 1 month rolling contract which will automatically renew every month until you cancel the subscription. The payment is taken from a credit or debit card each month.
  • If I cancel the subscription how do I return the server? +

    If you cancel the subscription we require you to return the server in its original packaging via a courier of your choice. We will send you an email with the return instructions to your registered address.If you do not return the server you will be charged the cost of the server as determined in the terms and conditions.
  • Where can I get my movies and music from? +

    The server is not shipped with any movies or music on it, you are responsible for purchasing your own media to go on the server.We would recommend using a disc to digital service here This service allows you to order your movies and music from Amazon and send it to Digraw to convert them all to a USB that is easily added to the server. They can supply you a USB stick every month with your purchased movies on it. Please contact them for more information.
  • How do I load media to the server? +

    The Outclass Air was designed with aircrew in mind, the media content can be downloaded to a laptop while in a hotel or at home The file is then dragged and dropped to a USB stick.or ordered from where they will do all this for you. When back on the aircraft with power applied, insert the USB stick into the Outclass Air and the file will automatically download to the server, its that easy!!
  • I have loaded my movies onto a USB stick but they are not showing up on the screen. +

    When you copy your movies and music onto the USB stick please ensure the name of the USB drive is OUTCLASS then please ensure you have created a top level folder named outclassmedia then inside that folder please create a folder named Movies and another folder named Music. You can then copy your movies into the Movies folder and music into the Music folder. then when you put your USB into the server the status lamp will be green if your folders are correct, if it is red then your USB if faulty or the folders are named incorrectly.
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The Outclass Air is considered as carry-on equipment and it is the responsibility of the owner/operator to install and monitor the Outclass Air server.

The equipment should not be left unattended at any time, electronic goods can cause fires to occur if incorrectly ventilated.

The OutClass is safe and has been thoroughly tested. 

Do not cover the OutClass with any object or clothing.

Do not shut the OutClass server away in a cupboard or locker.

The OutClass server needs ventilation at cabin temperature.