• Beauty in the Details

    Your private jet is showcasing the beauty of your lifestyle
  • Beauty in the Details

    Your private jet is showcasing the beauty of your lifestyle
  • Beauty in the Details

    Your private jet is showcasing the beauty of your lifestyle
  • OutClassair

    Your private media server for your private jet
  • Beauty in the Details

    Your private jet is showcasing the beauty of your lifestyle
  • Ultimate in Luxury

    Technology at your fingertips while travelling in style
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OutClass Air

Your ultimate aircraft movie and music server.

Are you fed up with the difficulty of playing media on aircraft? 
Do you have to carry on lots of DVDs or a media system that works using valuable internet data downloads?

The OutClass Air IFE server is available on a simple monthly low cost subscription.
Internet downloads for media can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds and can slow internet speeds for the passengers! The OutClass Air IFE server is designed to work seamlessly on your aircraft. It will store your movies and music ready to play back on multiple TVs, tablets and phones. 
The OutClass aircraft media server is a reliable dedicated IFE media server storage solution that has been specifically designed to work on aircraft and within this challenging environment. 
You have here a solution to provide the seamless integration you enjoy and expect!!

Server Features

No Up-front Costs.
No installation costs.
No downtime.
No Internet surcharges.
No maintenance fees.
No excess fuel costs to compensate for extra weight.

One simple monthly/yearly payment, use the IFE server between multiple aircraft

Incredibly simple and functional features to create a palette of possibilities for your passengers.

With one simple monthly subscription the Outclass Air IFE server allows you to play back your movies, music and photos in the aircraft without an internet connection*

Please choose below if you wish to have just the server and install your own media or the same server plus a dedicated team to look after your media for you.

The OutClass Air IFE server is a media server to play your favourite movies and music on your private aircraft without the need for internet access.

It is classed as 'carry-on equipment' so no integration is required. This makes it fully compatible with your aircraft.

The server will store hundreds of movies and music tracks to enjoy on your personal tablets, laptops and phones as you fly.

There are no up-front costs, it is one simple monthly payment with a rolling one month contract or a 1 year contract at a reduced cost.

When you finished, just hand the server back.

The great thing about this server is you can move it between aircraft, just plug it in and power it up.

You will automatically get updates and server feature upgrades with your subscription.

When you order the server, the media needs to be ordered, if you have your own media then you can follow the simple instructions to load via a USB drive or network.

If you don't have any movies yet, then you can order these from Amazon and send them to Digiraw where they will convert them onto a USB drive, then we can load them onto your server ready to watch. Click here to find out more.

Out of Stock

Please contact sales for enquiries


Out of Stock

Please contact sales for enquiries


OutClass Server - Purchased


Trade Discounts Available - Please contact us.

  • One off purchase price

  • Optional maintenance contract.

  • Remote support.

  • Use of DIGIRAW media supply.

  • 1TB - 4TB storage SSD.

  • 20 devices independently streaming.

Save Money, Watch Offline

Save thousands of pounds on buying expensive servers for your aircraft when you can have the same server on a simple monthly subscription which in turn will save the internet costs and stop potential slow internet connections when the passengers need it.


Increased Functionality

Store hundreds of movies, TV shows or music files that are ready to be played at the press of a button. Solid State Hard Drive Media Storage that won't jump during turbulence or on landing.


Fully Compatible With All Aircraft

The OutClass Air server is considered as carry-on equipment that can be placed anywhere at the front of the aircraft. Therefore there are no modification costs, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Stream your favourite movies on multiple TVs...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!

Playback your favourite movies, music and photos on the OutClass Air media server.

See how it works....

Recent Projects

The OutClass air media server is simple to use and with no up-front costs you can start streaming right away with one simple monthly payment.

  • Your jet, your movies, your choice with the OutClass Air
    Your favourite movies while you fly
  • Aircraft media server install on your business jet
    Simple monthly payment. No upfront cost
  • Apple TV based solution for playing movies & music
    Apple TVs & Ipads
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  • "OutClass Air IFE server installed On Gulfstream G650"

    I have been using the outclass air media server on our Gulfstream G650ER for the last 2 years and it has been a life saver. When we first took delivery of the aircraft the only way of playing media was via DVD’s and unfortunately we need a vast amount of them to give the owner a decent choice. With the Outclass Air I can store over 400 movies which can be played to multiple iPads all at different times, I also have interface to play the content via the IFE.After researching installation of integrated equipment and finding that it would cost in excess of $500,000 the Outclass Air was an obvious choice, and the ability to transfer the movies via a usb stick and not rely on the extremely expensive aircraft internet has saved the cost of the server over the last 2 years, so whats not to like!

    Gulfstream G650ER
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